Friday, July 01, 2005

The Movie Industry

According to some recent research, the movie industry is down 16% from last summer. This is the lowest it has been since sometime in the mid seventies. I think that it is very obvious why this is happening.

1) The movies are absolutely terrible. I mean come'on a remake of Herbie the Love Bug? What blows me away is that there are thousands of writers trying to make it big by selling a well written, thought out script, but instead are being passed over by War of the Worlds or some other atrocioius movie. Pathetic. If the movie doesn't explode and send CG creators massive amounts of work, then the movie is not worth making. Either that or some movie that appeals to teenage girls that suck anyway. The movie industry has become 100% focused on money, instead of what made the movie industry great...Art...As of right now the Art of Movie making is Dead.

2) The other reason which would be enough in its own right is that Actors are talking pieces of garbage. They think since they play a politican or a doctor then they are qualified to conduct themselves in that matter. Very few have even set foot on a college campus let alone graduate. It down right irritates me to know end how presumptios and arrogant these actors can be., however, if you notice any of the actors that are well educated tend to keep their mouth shut when it comes to political and societal debates. Apparently with education comes wisdom. So, even if the movie production companies happen to let a good movie out of their studio an actor can kill it dead by mouthing off.

All I know is that I have recently renewed my library card, and am better for it.


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