Monday, August 22, 2005

1st week Down, and I learned a very valuable lesson

Well the first week of law school is now but a memory. Now I can join the legions of legal professional who consistently reference their 1st day/week of law school. The work load is not incredibly awful, but it is not easy either. 4 hours a day can under most circumstances do the trick. Today I was called on to answer some question about personal jurisdiction, and I kinda didn't know the answer, but I had a hunch. I was trying to hash it out with my professor in front of the class when some dumb ass chick sitting next to me starts to whisper the other Yes, (I was arguing no). Thinking I had it totally wrong I backtracked and said Yes....I was wrong. FUCK! I am still pissed. One I knew i had a good idea what the answer was, and I am even more mad at myself to listen to somebody I know that is at least as confused as I am. Damn I am mad. But at least I wasen't reciting a case and these questions came in a slew to others so I doubt that it made a lasting impression, but still. FUCK SO i learned a very valuable lesson, FUCK everybody else, and unless they can show you in writing or very explicitly express to you that you are wrong....Then they are wrong and I am right....

Other than that, With only 1 week down, I kinda like this stuff


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Lord, I wish I had been reading this all along! This particular post is somewhat disappointing to me...I've learned so much from you over the years. And it's not that I ever set out trying to teach you anything really but, DAMN! I would think that the one thing you may have taken from me is that YOU are always right in an arguement! We argue ALL THE TIME! Do I ever back down with out concrete proof???!!! HELL NO! I'm almost ALWAYS right! Cheese are rice, man! You're going to law school! Please find your inner arrogant asshole!


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