Saturday, August 06, 2005

Hole in the Wall Bar's and Lawyers

So a few nights ago I was sitting in some dive in Houston listening to Dub Miller (A Texas Country Singer) host an open mike might. This particular artist sings a song called These Boots. Basically the song is about his cowboy boots. After having writers block on my Persoanl Statement for law school, I was driving around listening to this song. In short, the song inspired me to write about my own cowboy boots in the two pages of personal statement. Back to the story. While I was sitting on the stool drinking a hand cramping cold long neck, I told my buddy this story. Apparently a friend of Dub Miller over heard this conversation and insisted that I relate the story to Dub. So, after a song was finished while I was wasted I yelled this story to him on stage. Miller started laughing and said "Man that is cool, I forgot all about that shit." Dub Miller is also in law school at the same one I will be attending. Then another law student came up, and they both related stories to me that my life is over. I took their advise and started devising my will. When a country singer says your life is over when all he normally sings about is losing wives, dogs, and sobriety then I became a little nervous and take his word for it.


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