Thursday, May 04, 2006

Finals Movies

As most of y'all know who read this blog every so often, you will notice that around finals time a movie comes on HBO that i kindof latch on to. Last time it was Spanglish with Paz Vega which is semi-respectable. however, the movie this time around there is no excuse for.

Did I watch The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?
Yes I did.

Did I like it?
Every part with Blake Lively, she is the girl Bridget in the moive.

Am I ashamed....
Not really, Google the name guys and post what you think. (she is 18 i think)

Do i care what you think?

Am I trying to study contracts?

Did you fight a Panic attack today.
Funny you asked i sure did

Are you going to do fine on the final..

You wanna get wasted?
I forgot what alcohol tasted like

Are you a sad excuse for an individual.
Sadly, yes


Allight, I know my last post was in Feb.

A lot of BS has happened, but belive me law school just keeps getting weirder...

I promise to elaborate, but I gotta study a bit more.