Sunday, September 24, 2006

College Commercials

In recent years, The University of Texas along with GSD&M (an Austin marketing group) has come up with some excellent commercials to advertise their university. "What Starts Here Changes the World" is an excellent slogan. Even as an Aggie, and most aggies would agree with me (as much as we would hate to admit it), the commercials are good. Very Good. We want some just as good if not better.

So we hired GSD&M to do the same for us, and to revamp the whole marketing/advertising theme at Texas A&M. This is a good move.

Here are the Texas commercials

The Aggie ones are comming along, but are not the offical 30 second made for TV commercials. It is a longer commercial link on the website for people that visit the site. A step in the right direction I think.

In my opinion, the list of 9 UT commericals, the "Rallying Cry" is my favorite of all commercials. Just Barely, and i do mean just be a hair. Probably because it is short and sweet. Though they only use two scenes for 9 commercials with diffrent commentary. This one in particuarlly is great.

And bias aside, my second favorite is the Texas A&M commercial. It does an excellent job at portraying A&M the way it is. It does not come across hokey in anyway. Who am I kidding, it is fantastic.

So lets hear what you think! Post a comment.

The best radio comment....Ever

Once it was officially decided that the Longhorns were going to destroy Iowa State, one of my best friends and I decided that the Hill Country was calling to us like a mother calls home her kids. On a side note; do yourself a favor and go to Bandera, well worth your time.

So, of course we heeded the call.

Being good Texas fans we listened to the game on the radio.

This sets the stage for one of the funniest things I've ever heard on the airways.

Now this post will make no sense for anybody that has not listened to any kind of sports on the radio, but as you know the announcers/commentators are particularly specific in their delievery.

So, the game was delayed, and this is what was said:
Read the rest of this blog in your best Radio Impersonation

Now, what Texas wants to do in this situation is get everybody inside and out of this weather.

There is no telling what hail can do in this type of situation, but you better believe that the nickel sized ice can do some serious damage.

Mack Brown has practiced this senario time and time again during the afternoon workouts to make sure his team is prepared.

Judging from the clock this rain has been driving for about 8:30 minutes and has eaten up much of the time for TV commecials.

Texas is going to have to do something to slow down this rain, or it is going to be all over for the Longhorns.

Are you kidding me? Is this the way they talk all the time?

Imagine the holidays.

Now the turkey is going to have to make a strong stand against the up and comming gravy train.

Keep in mind that mashed potatoes were showing chunks earlier in the meal, but have seemed to haved smoothed out under pressure.

I laughed from Johnson City to Fredricksberg.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

They played for Freedom

Saturday might have been one of the greatest Saturdays of College Football in recent memory. 7 games with teams in the top 25! That is madness. I watched College Football for 12 straight hours.

Though there were many highlights of the day
LSU v Auburn last catch
Oregon v Oklahoma. That was nuts

There was one game (you know it is coming) that was just mind boggling.

The Texas A&M v Army Game.

Gotta hand it to Army. Those guys played as hard as they could, but if you think about it...It is just not fair.

These guys can have a pep talk saying that they are playing for our soldiers in Iraq! And using an inferential step, they are further playing for FREEDOM!

Now how can A&M compete with that?

We play for booze, good times, laughs, (and lets face it; some recognition that we exist on an athletic level compared to some other university).

A&M played terrible, but won.

So, I say way to go Aggies for keeping your team together and thwarting the hopes and dreams of our fighting men so that we all can continue our drunken debachary well into the night. Better yet, give the Aggies the statute of liberty, we gotta pee.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Now Don't get me Wrong

Here at Bootstraps and Lawyers, another opinion especially ones that differ from the writer are highly appreciated.

This comment took thought and time to articulate, Bootstraps and Lawyers feels that it deserves publishing on the real blog.

Bootstraps reply comes later

Anonymous said...
Dear "Bootstraps",

After reading several of your posts I feel that you need a bit of perspective...

Town Lake/Lake Austin-It's called Town Lake while it runs through down town and Lake Austin out towards the 'burbs! And yes, it is actually the Colorado River! Who cares?

Loop1- Yes, poor choice of an official name but, that's why most Austinites call it MoPac.

Tacos-There is such a thing as a Soft Taco! A burrito is an extra large soft taco with the rice and beans included like at Freebirds!

Causeless Hippies-A hippy's only REAL cause is wanting to be able to smoke as much weed and have sex with as many people as possible with out consequence!

Los Lonely Boys-Austin is the live music capitol of the world and has a large hispanic population it was bound to happen! Besides, Houston produced the South Park Mexican...that's WAY worse!

Okay that being said let me get to my point and the perspective I want to offer you...Austin wouldn't be Austin without all of those "weird" little quirks. I'm sure you wouldn't be you without your's. Instead of acting like a female and picking Austin apart, embrace the quirks. Learn to love Austin for what it is and, enjoy your time here!

Another Transplanted Houstonian

This my friends is an excellent comment, and well appreciated.

I will now comment back in kind.

The Lake thing is just weird. Same body of water does not warrant two diffrent names. we don't call the Gulf of Mexio the Gulf of Texas just because the gulf stream is going past Texas.

I understand it is called MoPac. I was just trying to point out the road sign diffrence.

Don't mess with me on Tacos. A SOFT taco is a tortilla that is non-deep fried and does not close all the way. Breakfast "Tacos" are surrounded by tortilla. Therefore, NOT a taco

I very much agree with the Causeless Hippie Comment. No complaints here

Though Houston did produce South Park Mexican, they also gave the world ZZ Top, which is undoubly a great contribution to to world.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Austin. It is arguably my favorite city in Texas, and further the world. I just wanted to point out these quirks in a satirical mannor instead of the usual congratulatory back slapping saying "Keep Austin Weird" with a joint in their hand kinda way. In doing this I am contributing to the many viewpoints that Austin boasts that it embraces.

Again, Annoymous Bootstraps and Lawyers greatly appreciate your comments, and I hope you continue your readership and post comments on Bootstraps and Lawyers

Thursday, September 07, 2006


What is it with Misnomers in Austin?

What misnomers are you talking about Bootstraps?

Let me tell you.


and further....IT IS THE COLORADO RIVER.

There is no distinguishign characteristic that makes it a lake. It is narrow and flows. This my friends is a river.

Loop 1, commonly known as MoPac.
So why call it that.
Are you retarded.
It is a e'ffing highway

Everything here is a Taco.
Ladies and Gentlemen.
Soft and chewy= Burrito

They are not Breakfast tacos when they are wrapped in a NON-deep fried tortilla.
They are not tublar taco's. THEY ARE BURRITOS

The only burrito you can get around here is Freebirds (which is a damn fine burrito I must say)
And that is a College Station thing.

Someone explain this too me before I start calling enchiladas, quesadillas, OR Texas Tech a real school.

Dear Hippie

Dear Hippie,

Today I saw a "Fear Totalitarianism" bumber sticker on someone's car today.

This is ridicilous. Almost as much as my bad spelling

Fear Totalitarianism! You have to be kidding. That is like saying FEAR SHARKS. Both just as dangerous and both just as stupid to fear when neither are really an issue for you here in the Texas Hill Country.

No kidding totalitarianism sucks, but Im pretty sure there is nothing to fear anymore.

Totalitarianism was a Mussolini thing, and im pretty sure the Allies came out on top of that one.

Austin is a just a cause-head place. They pick a threatning world issue and stick with it...for about a week. (Quote from PCU 1995 Jermey Pivens movie)

Is Austin's hippie movemant solely centered on protesting something, and if they do not have a cause lose their sense of identity?

Further, these people do very little to acutally do anything about these causes they claim to care so much about.

So have a seat hippe and smoke another bowl. Let us law students/lawyers who actually are trying to do something about the causes handle this. Y'all can't play with the big boys anyway.