Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ethiopian Resturants

Does anybody else find this offensive? I was driving down I-35 exiting Dean Keeton and saw this new resturant.

Of all the countries of Africa to borrow cuisine inspiration from the United States picks Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is a famine stricken country whose human rights...well lets just say they need some human rights over there. Most meals they have are crackers and water from the back of a U.N. truck.

So, with this in mind the pure arrogance of the United States picks this country and sells their food to our already fat citizens.

I don't know, I just found this peculiar.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentines Day

Ah yet one more manufactured holiday that irritates me beyond that of normal irritatedness. Of all the holidays that are completely conjured up by the good folks at Hallmark, Valentines day takes the taco as the most as ridiculous of the bunch.

There are 3 specific reasons why this day is particularly atrocious and are as follows:

1) It makes single people feel like crap (this doesn't effect me but I know a multitude of people who are bothered by this).
Because of this crappiness this forces women and to a MUCH LESSER EXTENT men, to have to parade around the fact that they are single in order to cover the fact that they wish they weren't single. For instances, the 4 women who go to dinner in a swanky resturant to show that being single doesn't bother them. Well, sorry to break up the Sex in the City cosmo party, but almost any one of these females would head for the highway if a stud would come and sweep her off her feet.

2) I get nauseous everytime I step outside myself for the entire day.
Especially on college campuses you see boys and girls holding hands all doey like. Makes me sick. This doesn't happen on normal days?! Normal days they walk arms distance apart bitching about who left the dishwasher full, or who forgot to lock the door. But no all these real problems are pushed aside to deal with a day created entirely for the consumption of chocolate.

This is probably the kicker of them all. I don't know when if ever Valentines day was a two way street but it is certianly not now. There is an inordinate amount of pressure for guys to go above and beyond like some circus monkey to out do the girl he is datings best friends boyfriend. Something cute, something traditional, something cool, but above all better than the next guy. All these things we have to decide upon. It is like being a girl for a day damnit. And is this reciprocated to men? Hell no. At best and I do mean AT BEST, the women will put on some sexy lingerie. Not that Im completely complaining, but where is the creativity? Where is the pressure? Nada, nothing, zero. It is almost insulting for women to think that this can make up for all the blood sweat and tears it took for the man to super glue every rose petal from downtown houston to her bathtub filled with lavender and bubbles or make heart shaped pancakes so big they would not fit through the bedroom door. As men, I suggest that this should no longer be accepted as a form of gratuitious transfer and demand something of a higher calling. Further, as any guy should at least know, that any giving of valentines also go to your friends, (though nothing physical is involved), and then your mother. WTF? Do you see females going through great strides to make sure all the men in their lives feel special? Nope, they are drinking cosomos at some swanky resturant saying how much they love to be single when in reality they are jealous that their friend couldn't make it because her boyfriend and constructed a playground set made entirely of dark chocolate and strawberries that could feed Belgium.

So in all, Valentines day has become basically Sexy Mothers day.

P.S. Can we move the Lingerie to St. Patricks day? There is something about peeing green beer and fighting in the street that makes me all fiesty inside.

Arrogance or Something Like it.

As a 1L, many if not all law students will have to tackle the issue of the law affecting your realtionships with people. Im not just talking significant others here, but Im talking the way you interact with the world and the way the world interacts with you. You constantly ask questions to gain more perspective on the situation, and always have a different answer than everybody else.

Then you decide that you will make a conscious decision to not do this anymore. And thus you believe things get better into your 2L year.

However my friends, I believe this is a fools facade.

The only reason you think you're better is that you have more immersed yourself in the warrped reality of the law school experience. You hang out with more law students and lawyers and they challange you the same way as you challenge them so you don't notice.

So, I ask you all readers of Bootstraps and Lawyers to take a moment and evaluate if you are being an Arrogant Prick. Stop and think when you are basking in the glory of being right about something (because you were able to deduct the outcome through inferential logic) that perhaps this the world is percieving you as jerk. Stop and think when someone asks you the way you feel that you don't give them a break down in a 3 part test. Stop and think when you are trying to get information from a friend you don't use trial tactics such as voice influctuation and banging the table. If someone calls you out on being arrogant, and you make the argument that it is not Arrogance but just the way you are trained, (which is true) be careful because the fact that you use law to argue the point in your personal relationship is arrogant.

And we wonder why the divorce rate among lawyers is high.............

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


For those of you who have not read any of my last 20 posts, I am a transfer student to the University of Texas. This makes my perspective on law school that much more warrped yet pure at the same time.

Instead of being completely engulfed by the fires of law school, I have remained in a constant state of limbo where the only place I am truely comfortable is a classroom seat. This isin't meant to sound like Im lonely or anything. I have made friends all of which are bad ass I might add.

However; I can't help but feel like im a "Desperado" a lot of times.(antonio bandaraes sp?, too lazy to look it up) I can walk around the halls, right down the middle with everyone talking, and people move out of my way. Shadows bend not to show my face, though people always look as if to say, "Do I know you? Should I know you? You look like someone I know."

So this leads me to conclude how important the first year of law school is. Yes, we all have all heard this, but really it goes beyond grades. Obviously, if you do well in the 1st year with grades you're set, but it is also the 1L year that is the hell that bonds your class. I went through hell in another hell, a different hell, a hell that has since passed, just to climb into another hell which is more closely reltated to the pink floyd song lyric "I thought you could tell Heaven from Hell" (That sentance may sound weird, but read it again...Its greatness!)

Or I could just use the standard metaphor "Your 1L year is like boot camp where you bond with everybody." Yeah, pretty much.

What is fun is when I do show up to parties and stuff with the friends at UTlaw I do have. Nobody knows me, but Im a 2L, which obviously gives me street credit. If I tell them I transfered it does not drop my stock (at least they don't say it to my face). I party like there is no tomorrow, wear the lamp shade, play wild drinking games, take my pants off and jump naked in the pool. They laugh, I go home, and they never knew what hit'em. "Desperado Style"

So, advice to those who are wanting to transfer law schools. Its an interesting expierence that will change your legal education way more than what your resume will say. Is it worth it? Depends on who you ask and what school you go to under circumstances. (How lawyer is that answer). As for me, it was totally worth it. I get to say this pearl everytime I take a shot of tequila, "Fuck it, I go to UT"

Daily Drudgery Posters

There are many Blawgers on the internet. Many of whom post specifically about law school. I guess to an extent so do I, but not nearly to the extent of these daily diary heros of whining.

When something happens in a day that is more than the standard day, I let y'all know. Talk about it a little bit, hell maybe even spin off and talk about something else.

But to hear the same old thing from some other blawgers.... OMG today in Torts class.... which is before OMG in Con Law Class, which is after OMG in Contracts today
Give me a break. I didn't even do that as a 1L, and Im sure as hell not going to start now.

Unless you can find a good gossip blawg for your law school, those are gold.

Now granted My Blog is not perfect, far from it. I don't post often and when I do it normally is not funny, but at least im trying to focus on the governing dynamics of law school and the common thread that runs through this unique experience instead of appealing to my classmates who just like to read something online that they can say they know first hand.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Law School Sux

This is what I see inscribed on the desk in my anti-trust class, and this got me thinking....

A little background.
I meander my way through the rows of seats in a 50 person classroom to find a seat. The chair is fine, but there were smudges on the desk. These smudges were the kind that are made when a piece of lead falls out of your mechanical pencil and while it lays flat you move it around your desk. I see nothing but markings until I go to put my laptop down. Then I see it. Sketched ever so bodly in true middle school style were the words. "Law School Sux"

Anyway, back to my thoughts for which all of you frequent this site.

Does law school sux?
It never really accorded to me like that before. I for one never thought law school sucked. Hard, Frustrating sure, but SUX? This is not the normal sucks, but SUX?

Sux is a term used to refer to psycho ex-girlfriends your freshman year in high school, or to describe your biology teacher in the 10th grade. It is used to describe brussel sprouts and cabbage wrapped in shit. SUX is not a term to be used to describe law school.

It then occured, from reason just now occured that law school does SUX for some people. I know we always hear horror stories or even first hand accounts of people dropping out of school, but while I sat there attempting to take a picture of this with my camera phone seeing this persons anguish etched into the table like a cry for help I realized that this type of education is not for everybody. To be so unhappy, so distraught, so upset, as to write Law School Sux on a table in a classroom is indicitive of the misery this person faces.

I hope lady justice reaches out and pulls this tortured soul close to her bosom and comforts this individual. May Socrates embrace him as his own and give you robes so that you may feel the breeze beneath your thighs.

I hope this individual finds piece.

Obviously this person is a 1L.

A 2L would say. Fuck Law School.

Monday, February 05, 2007

I love the Aggies

Who in their right minds would rush their own court after an away game victory?
Who could even figure out how to do this?
Who is dying to be good at something?

Texas A&M thats who.

Yes, A&M beat Kansas at their house. The first time a Big XII South school has done this since the inception of the Big XII. Im not knocking on the Ags here. I think it is greatness.

A&M Basketball has now hit insanity. 6,000 Students camped out for two days to get tickets to the Texas Game in College Station. Not going to lie. It is pretty damn cool.

However; as a side note, I hope A&M if they win against Texas today do not rush the court. It would just be one of those things. But knowing my Aggies they will. Either way, its a lot of fun. Gig'Em Ags.