Wednesday, February 07, 2007


For those of you who have not read any of my last 20 posts, I am a transfer student to the University of Texas. This makes my perspective on law school that much more warrped yet pure at the same time.

Instead of being completely engulfed by the fires of law school, I have remained in a constant state of limbo where the only place I am truely comfortable is a classroom seat. This isin't meant to sound like Im lonely or anything. I have made friends all of which are bad ass I might add.

However; I can't help but feel like im a "Desperado" a lot of times.(antonio bandaraes sp?, too lazy to look it up) I can walk around the halls, right down the middle with everyone talking, and people move out of my way. Shadows bend not to show my face, though people always look as if to say, "Do I know you? Should I know you? You look like someone I know."

So this leads me to conclude how important the first year of law school is. Yes, we all have all heard this, but really it goes beyond grades. Obviously, if you do well in the 1st year with grades you're set, but it is also the 1L year that is the hell that bonds your class. I went through hell in another hell, a different hell, a hell that has since passed, just to climb into another hell which is more closely reltated to the pink floyd song lyric "I thought you could tell Heaven from Hell" (That sentance may sound weird, but read it again...Its greatness!)

Or I could just use the standard metaphor "Your 1L year is like boot camp where you bond with everybody." Yeah, pretty much.

What is fun is when I do show up to parties and stuff with the friends at UTlaw I do have. Nobody knows me, but Im a 2L, which obviously gives me street credit. If I tell them I transfered it does not drop my stock (at least they don't say it to my face). I party like there is no tomorrow, wear the lamp shade, play wild drinking games, take my pants off and jump naked in the pool. They laugh, I go home, and they never knew what hit'em. "Desperado Style"

So, advice to those who are wanting to transfer law schools. Its an interesting expierence that will change your legal education way more than what your resume will say. Is it worth it? Depends on who you ask and what school you go to under circumstances. (How lawyer is that answer). As for me, it was totally worth it. I get to say this pearl everytime I take a shot of tequila, "Fuck it, I go to UT"


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