Friday, May 25, 2007

Fear and Loathing in Houston

I moved out of my apartment last Saturday. When I took the clerkship in Houston, I didn't realize that leaving Austin for the summer would strike me the way it did. Houston nights have already began to fog up glasses when you walk out of the bar. Perhaps because of the Write-On packet I've yet to fully embrace Houston again as my own, but as of right now I feel like a stranger to this city. Better yet I feel like I'm hanging out with an Ex-Girlfriend in which I have not spoken to in years. Maybe she will warm up to me again....then again maybe not.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Summer Employment

I don't know why everybody starts hating on the CSO so much. I've had nothing but good experiences with them. Perhaps its because I realize they are more advisors than headhunters and I don't expect them to get me a job. Hell, they even stroked my ego a little bit saying that I was in great shape. Eh, oh well.

In any event, I have finally received summer job offers! Offers you say? Hell yeah, plural. I went from have zero...count job offers to having more than one and even more than two! So im feeling better about myself and have withdrew my application at McDonalds.

Now granted Im not spending the summer being boozed up on someone elses tab or flirting with a partner whom I know has a crush on me, but I will learning to kick some ass in Business Litigation and actually do some work that matters.

Did I mention the secretary is hot?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Left Out...Again

Well it is that time when finals are winding down and alcohol consumption goes from moderate to insanely heavy. This is the time when all the 1L blogs blog about not being 1L's anymore....Good luck finding new material, the first year is the easiest to blog about.

Amicus Curiae which is linked to the right, left her final will and testament of blogging to up and coming UT bloggers....I was left out. Not to say that Im heartbroken or anything, but it is a metaphor for the life of a transfer student. Though I may blog about this more in detail later, being a transfer student is like joining the Indy 500 from the stock car races and you are 250 laps behind. You can drive as fast as you can, but still never catch the pace car. Though I will never regret joining the race, the speed is very fast and you are already behind.

I just have to turn in my take home final.....