Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Really, Im just numb

In class today I was surfing the net and reading all the new 1L blogs. Wow each and every one is full of wonder and awe at this whole law school thing. Something funny the professor said, this or that.

For the hell of it I checked back through some of my old posts and I'll be damned if it weren't the same type posts.

I thought to myself, geesh I wonder what happend? Why aren't things so crazy anymore. Profs don't say anything out of the ordinary anymore. I reasoned it was only to scare and shock 1L's, but I listened extra close to the lectures today to pick out things that I would have as a 1L. (as opposed to now, where I can pick out only things I know are going to be tested or interesting).

Low and behold I heard things that would have shocked the hell outta me as 1L. I heard a prof drop the word Fuck into a sentance. Another prof complained that magistrates are full of bullshit, and another said why would cops lie? What? Maybe they weren't breast fed enough.

This was just ONE DAY of class. So my original hypothesis was wrong.

Im just numb

But comfortably numb.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


The only thing ACL means to me is a knee problem.

For those of you hippies that track your way 100 billion miles from your car to the stages all while smoking a joint with a gallon of water on your back...you have my respect. Your commitment to music is more than I have to just about anything. Y'all party all day listening to bands that you may or may not have heard of while sweating more than a whore in church. Now one day I MAY be convinced to go, but chances are slim.

I spent my Saturday sitting on the couch watching College Football.....ALL DAY. It was glorious. I drank a gatorade just to re-hydrate from sitting in the 70 degree A/C. Tough day.

Now South by Southwest....you have my attention.

Eff It. Im an elitist if you haven't noticed. ;)

Friday, September 14, 2007


So it finally happend. Im a 3L. The top of the law school food chain, which makes me about as qualifed to practice law as my first day of law school. However my semster is a bit more exciting.

I decided to forgo another 15 hours of lecture class to sign up for a clinic. Criminal Defense to be specific. Now these I highly recommend. Though it takes more time than you really have, you actually get to do something real as opposed to 4 hours of reading. Practicing under a Student Bar Card, I won my first case. Good feeling.

Other than that, being a 3L is decidedly less stressful in terms of class, but now if you were unfortunate enough to not nail down permanent employment you realize the real world is knocking. Damn Captin Hook.

To be honest, your disdain for 1L's does grow. They crowd the halls like scarred animals talking a mile a minute about Penoyer v Neff or something equally as mindless. Gunners in classes are almost non-existent. There are a few that might speak up, but these people Im thankful for. Without them it would be us staring at the professor blankly as he tries to get the class involved.

I guess what Im trying to say is....3L's have it figured out. We understand that class participation means nothing, and if you pay attention too much you are likely to get as confused as you did as a 1L. 3L's tend to walk through the halls standing at full height (they can do this because they don't bring every book ever written by the professor in their backpack) by themselves. If you are lucky a 1L will look at you and know...they move out of the way.

Damn right.

On a side note, if anybody still reads this blog because I post so much check out the link AggieInExile.blogspot.com. He is a fellow blogger and friend who now attends law school in the deep south. He is a 1L, so his posts will be much more entertaining and more frequent than mine. I guess that is the way of law school. There is alot to say as a 1L because it is all new and different. As a 3L, its hard to imagine life not thinking as a lawyer, so none of it is a suprise.