Friday, April 04, 2008

No Plans for the First Weekend in April

This is the first time in 7 years I have not had plans for the first weekend in April.

One might be thinking at this point what in the world did I usually do on the first weekend in Apirl?

With a sad heart I deeply regret that I will not be going to Chilifest this year.

It is always this time of year when there is a sweet breeze from the South. Its not cold nor hot, but gets chilly right before dawn. The bluebonnets are out and a few indian paintbrushes.

I have been to Chilifest every year since I was a freshman in college. 6 years straight. I wanted to make it every year that I was in Higher Education but alas, my last year I could not attend.

Chilifest is trashy, dirty, smells like beer, and sweat that smells like beer, but I love it.

A part of me still wants to pack it up and head down there...I wont...I can't. Nobody my age is going...we have all moved on. This is close to my last tie to college being severed. I only have one more left...when the only friend I have there graduates and moves.

I realize this post makes little sense, but know that I want to go to Chilifest but I am not going. Know that Chilifest was 1 of the 2 remaining ties I have to College Station. Now there is only one.

I should drink tonight...In memory of the greatness and immortality I have achieved through my tenure of the trashiest field party I have ever attended.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Sex in the City Effect?

Check out this link. It is a map of the U.S. showing regions in the country where either Men or Women greatly outnumber the other.

The northeast, especially around New York, retains a heavy concentration of women.

Texas and Cali. men dominate.

NYC has more than 200,000 more women then men.

Perhaps this is because more women view moving to New York is some kind of status symbol?
Perhaps this is because more women like New York then men?
Perhaps this is because women like the fantasy of a small town girl trying to make it in the big city?
Perhaps this is all above the above because Sex in the City is all of these things.

I don't know....
Anybody have a thought on this?